June Focus: Juvenile and Adult Justice

Jun 03, 2019

Many stories about the criminal justice system focus on race and poverty and not from the lens of people with disabilities. Approximately 750,000 people with disabilities are currently imprisoned - or more than 30% of the prison population. The majority of these are African-American, Hispanic, or new immigrants who face challenges already compounded by effects of racism, ableism and other forms of discrimination and whose disabilities were not appropriately addressed, diagnosed, or treated.

In June, your CoP will be sharing information and resources around supporting adjudicated youth and adults with disabilities achieve quality employment outcomes. To start, look at Disability and Criminal Justice Reform: Keys to Success. This report looks at how youth with disabilities get caught in the school-to-prison pipeline, what happens to people with disabilities behind bars, and how people exit the criminal justice system. It ofers very specific proposals for progress.

Feel free to share resources helpful to you as we explore this important topic!



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