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    Jul 01, 2019

    Lucy Miller, Technical Assistance Liaison at Virginia Commonwealth University's Work Incentives Planning & Assistance National Training and Data Center, joined the Project E3 Discussion Group in June to share her insight and knowledge and answer attendees questions. Here are some resources she shared for those who want to learn more about work incentives:

    How to Report Information to SSA
    To find the resource document about how to report information to SSA, go here:  https://vcu-ntdc.org/resources/viewContent.cfm?contentID=45

    Work Incentive Resources and Tools
    For resources and tools from Virginia Commonwealth University, go here:  https://vcu-ntdc.org/resources/resources.cfm

    WIPA Training Manual
    To find the link to the National WIPA Training Manual, go here: https://vcu-ntdc.org/resources/ntcmanual.cfm

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