Cultural Awareness - What Is It?

Jul 03, 2019

Cultural awareness is a foundational element of cultural competence, according to the National Center for Cultural Competence at Georgetown University.  They state that "without it, it is virtually impossible to acquire the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that are essential to cultural competence."

What is cultural awareness?  The National Center for Cultural Competence offers two definitions:

  • "being cognizant, observant, and conscious of similarities and differences among and between cultural groups (Goode, 2001, revised 2006).
  • “cultural self-awareness includes recognition of one’s own cultural influences upon values, beliefs, and judgments, as well as the influences derived from the professional’s work culture” (According to Winkelman (2005)

To learn more about cultural awareness and competence, visit the NCCC's Curricula Enhancement Module Series

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