Attitudes and Behaviors of Culturally Competence Counselors

Jul 29, 2019

These tips were designed to meet the needs of the busy clinician for concise, easily accessed “how-to” information. They describe behaviors around respect, acceptance, sensitivity, commitment to equality, openness, humility, and flexibility.  Their suggestions include:


  • Exploring, acknowledging, and validating the client’s worldview
  • Maintaining a nonjudgmental attitude toward the client
  • Understanding the client’s experiences of racism, stereotyping, and discrimination
  • Proactively addressing racism or bias as it occurs in treatment (e.g., processing derogatory comments made by another client in a group counseling session)
  • Recognizing the value of traditional healing and help-seeking practices


For more information, explore SAMHSA’s manual Improving Cultural Competence: KAP Keys for Clinicians.


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