Motivational Interviewing in Vocational Rehabilitation: Theory to Practice

Jan 06, 2020

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When: January 9, 2020
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Where: Online
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This webcast offers 1 CRC credit upon submittal of evaluation form.

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How can vocational rehabilitation counselors engage and evoke their client’s desire to change? In this webcast, you will learn how motivational interviewing techniques can help clients identify their values and explore reasons for change through their strengths and intrinsic motivation. Christopher Wagner and April Lynch will look closely at three case study examples of clients seeking change and examine how the vocational rehabilitation counselor used motivational interviewing to guide meetings to promote goal-oriented conversations about change. Through using motivational interviewing techniques, a stroke survivor gains confidence to reach life milestones, a young man with Autism obtains his dream job, and a woman with Multiple Sclerosis learns to adjust to her disability while still fostering her abilities.

Following the webcast, participants can pose questions to the group and tap into ideas and strategies that are working around the country.


April Lynch, MS, CRC
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Virginia Commonwealth University Rehabilitation Research and Training Center

Christopher Wagner, PhD, LCP, CRC
Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, College of Health Professions, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

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